Pipeline Construction

A picture is worth a thousand words is an old saying that continues to resonate as the oil and gas pipeline industry discovers the wide range of benefits that unmanned aircraft brings to all phases of management of their asset development programs.

Midstream companies are beginning to see tremendous benefits from the launching of drone service programs to manage all phases of developing new pipeline line systems, including pre-construction and preventive maintenance programs through ongoing inspections of existing pipeline systems. Drones can now be used for inspecting the gathering and transmission systems and even for the distribution of products to the upstream producer or to consumer markets.

InSpectrum utilizes the latest technology for conducting inspections with the use of high resolution optical cameras, infared thermal imaging, lidar and other highly technical sensors to detect leakage of hydrocarbons within a pipeline system. The drone technology used for assignments is determined by the customer’s data collection and processing requirements. InSpectrum uses appropriate ground control points and delivers the data in clients required data format (geotiff, .las, jpg or other) to a predetermined portal or by live streaming through a virtual private network (VPN) connection. The ownership and security of information gathered during any assignment is the sole and exclusive proprietary information owned by the client.

InSpectrum provides low cost site inspection services, including pre- and post-construction, to gather data for the construction of new pipeline systems. These include

  • Preliminary images and videos of the proposed right-of-way so that Contractors can determine the proper equipment and necessary manpower for the job from start to finish; and
  • The midstream company is able to obtain competitive and accurate quotations from contractors who are bidding the job.
  • Periodic inspections of the right-of-way clearing for job progress reporting
  • Record and report the work progress;
  • Manage equipment and support supplies; and
  • Verify financial draw schedules for contractors, based on work performed; and
  • Verify work progress for scheduling construction assets.

Weekly monitoring of construction progress for

  • Trenching through the right-of-way;
  • Pipe inventory, supplies and equipment;
  • Amount of pipeline line that is completed and ready for inspection;
  • Verification of completed pipeline;
  • Verification of construction progress and completed work by the contractor;
  • Verification of financial draws to contractors base on work completed;
  • Verification of finished work within the right-of-way; and
  • Pipeline mapping; indexed, cataloged & geo referenced (GPS) waypoints for future inspections.
  • Completed pipelines can be inspected autonomously after waypoints have been established.
  • InSpectrum provides a private web portal for reviewing and managing sections of pipelines.
  • Data may be delivered in the SCADA format and reported to the client's secured web portal for reporting to NPMS.

InSpectrum offers annual pipeline inspection contracts for maintenance of right-of-way easements including

  • vegetation encroachments;
  • marker maintenance;
  • violations within the right-of-way easement;
  • damages to the pipeline system by third parties; and
  • other irregular activities within or around the pipeline.

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